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Maple Brown Sugar Nuggets

Maple Brown Sugar Nuggets are delicious, crunchy bits of flavor that can be added to muffins, pancakes, cookies, cakes, and yeast bread to form pockets of flavor. Crunchy when added to wet batters, they soften as the products bake and form pockets of color, flavor and texture. These nuggets can also be used as inclusions in ice cream. In ice cream the nuggets will absorb free moisture and soften.

1805-4256Maple Brown Sugar Nuggets - 8 oz. pouch$4.57
1805-4257Maple Brown Sugar Nuggets - 4.00 lb. bucket$25.38
1805-4313Maple Brown Sugar Nuggets - 40.00 lb. box$221.88

Maple Brown Sugar Nuggets contain sugar, wheat flour, soybean oil, caramelized sugar, natural flavor and cellulose gum.

Approximate piece size 0.20" to 0.25" x 0.17" to 0.24"

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