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Flavors for Craft Brewing (By Flavor Category)

Apex Flavors offers over 200 extracts and flavors formulated for beer. Brewers throughout North America use Apex flavors in some of their bestselling products. Our line includes citrus, spice and herb, berry, orchard fruit, melon, tropical, floral, nut, and sweet brown flavors for use in light, mid-profile and dark beers. Our flavors are kosher and TTB-approved; complete documentation, including FID sheets with TTB numbers, is available upon request.

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Flavors for Spirits (By Flavor Category)

Many craft distillers depend on Apex Flavors for high impact flavors for use in their spirits and liqueurs.

Traditionally, distilled spirits were flavored using botanicals, spices and herbs. Using our TTB approved, water soluble flavors dramatically improves finished product consistency and reduces costs. Manufacturing is streamlined by eliminating the time needed to infuse ingredients.

We offer clear and colorless and clear and near colorless chocolate, maple, berry, orchard fruit and chili flavors for use in clear neutral spirits. We can formulate proprietary flavors to meet specific customer requirements.

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Flavors for Wine (By Flavor Category)

Whether you need a berry flavor for a Chablis or a chocolate flavor for a Cabernet, Apex has your flavor. Winemakers from California to Virginia prefer our true to nature profiles that add desired complexity without overpowering their wines. Our line includes TTB approved berry flavors such as strawberry, blueberry and raspberry as well as trendy tropical flavors including coconut, pineapple, mango and passion fruit.

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Flavors for Non-Alcoholic Carbonated & Still Beverages (By Flavor Category)

Years ago, formulating beverages was relatively simple: most consumers just wanted great-tasting products. Today, beverage formulators must maintain their high standards for flavor while adapting to a wide range of label requirements. Modern consumers want products that are clean label, mineral and vitamin-fortified, low-calorie, sustainable, allergen-free, non-GMO, and organic-certified, to name just a few.

Apex Flavors' rich library of beverage flavors, both natural and WONF, support non-GMO and other clean-label standards without sacrificing flavor. Our flavors and extracts taste amazing in a wide range of still and carbonated beverage applications including fruit drinks, nutritional beverages and sports drinks. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive library, we can custom-develop a flavor for your unique beverage application. We can also duplicate, and often cost-reduce, an existing flavor.

Many small and medium-sized beverage companies struggle to meet the minimum order requirements required by most flavor companies. We do not have minimum orders. Instead, Apex Flavors aims to provide an unparalleled combination of quality, variety, and customer service that make us the supplier of choice for many beverage companies.

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