Our products are not sold for use as flavor for e-cigarettes.
We do not supply e-liquid manufacturers or home hobbyists.

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Flavors and Extracts for Baking (By Flavor Category)

Apex Flavors offers over 300 extracts, flavors and emulsions formulated for baking. These products can be used in a wide range of applications, including cakes, cookies, cupcakes, buttercream and frosting. Celebrity bakers featured on the Food Network­­­°, along with many commercial bakers and cake decorators, depend on Apex Flavors for some of their best selling products. Our professional-grade products, however, are also ideal for home bakers.

The Apex line includes citrus, berry, tropical, orchard, nut, and sweet brown flavors. With the exception of our vanilla and tea extracts, all of our flavors are manufactured just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. Our products are sugar and gluten free. and complete documentation including kosher certificates is available upon request.

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