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Clean Label Extracts & Flavors (Alphabetical)

Many customers, concerned about the integrity and safety of the food they purchase, want to know if our products meet certain label criteria, which include among others - 100% natural, non-GMO, propylene glycol-free, minimally processed, preservative free. The term clean label has become a catch-all used to describe products that meet these criteria. Our clean label extracts and flavors are all 100% natural, propylene glycol-free and in most cases non-GMO and preservative free. When preservative are needed we use rosemary and natural tocopherols.

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Clean Label - Extracts & Flavors (by Flavor Category)

Propylene glycol (often abbreviated PG) is an approved food additive that is widely used by food, pharmaceutical and beverage companies as a solvent and emulsifier. In flavors it is used with oil soluble essential oils and other oil soluble flavor ingredients to make them disperse in water. This ensures a flavor is homogeneous and will distribute evenly and without separation in aqueous food products.

Our selection of clean label products contains flavors that were originally formulated without propylene glycol, such as our pure extracts, as well as versions of some of our most popular flavors that we have reformulated to deliver the same excellent taste and performance without the propylene glycol. Typically, this reformulation involves replacing PG with a combination of ethyl alcohol and glycerin. The flavor profile, aroma and functionality of these reformulated flavors remains the same. We can offer almost any of our flavors as propylene glycol free. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us and to discuss your requirements.

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TTB-Approved PG-Free Flavors for Alcoholic Beverages (by Flavor Category)

Our clean label extracts and flavors for alcoholic beverages listed by flavor category. These flavors are specifically tailored for brewers, vintners, and distilleries who require clean labels for their beer, cider, wine, or spirits free from propylene glycol. FID sheets are available for these flavors.

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