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Pure Vanilla Extract, Natural 2-Fold SC17

Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC-17 has a rich, creamy flavor with rummy undertones. Made from a blend of Madagascar and Indonesian beans we recommend this vanilla for use in premium vanilla ice cream, custards and other high fat applications requiring only the best quality, high impact vanilla.

Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17 is approximately twice the strength of our pure vanilla extract. To conform to the standard of identity 26.70 ounces of beans are needed to make each gallon. We recommend using 0.25%, or 1.25 ounce per gallon (144 ounces) of ice cream base and adjust to taste.

063ICR-3940Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17- 2 fl. oz. bottle$19.98
063ICR-748Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17- 4 fl. oz. bottle$38.36
063ICR-749Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17- 8 fl. oz. bottle$61.88
063ICR-750Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17 - 1 Quart bottle$201.64
063ICR-751Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17 - 1 Gallon jug$786.32

Pure Vanilla Extract 2-Fold SC17 contains vanilla bean extractives, water and ethyl alcohol (35.00%) and invert sugar.

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